Thursday, May 17, 2018


Many and I mean MANY aspire to one day become school administrators. School administration means so many different things to so many different people though. In fact, the term "school administrator" is problematic for me personally. I much prefer to use "school leader." To that end, once you make that decision that school leadership is where you see yourself in your next chapter, you must begin to think as a school leader. Of course, you do not yet have any experience or a concrete frame of reference in that role but you do have an imagination. You must look at all aspects of your present school and begin to think daily about how it would be different if you were the leader of it. Think about what programs would be in place. What policies and procedures would be in place? How would you lead your present school if you were the leader? What decisions would you make in all aspects of the school? How similar would you be to the present administration? What would you do differently? How would your school be a different school if you were leading it? The bottom line is that I am strongly suggesting that you think as if you were the leader. Continue to be focused on your students in your present capacity but as it relates to where you want to be as a leader one day, place yourself mentally in that position immediately. See yourself leading now. Claim your leadership today. In life, wherever one wants to be over time, one must mentally see themselves already there before taking the first step. That's having a vision for where you want to this case having a solid vision of leading your school...AND THINKING AS IF YOU WERE ALREADY THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN SCHOOL.


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