Sunday, May 28, 2023

Reflections on the Past 3 Years of the Virtual AP Leadership Academy

As I write, I am in Cancun, Mexico sitting on my balcony on a much needed 7-day vacation. I went “hard in the paint” traveling and presenting from January – May and I needed to take it down for a week because my work is going to intensify from June – September. The beauty is that I do have two vacations built in to that run. As I sit here on my balcony, I am reflecting on the Virtual AP Leadership Academy a/k/a The Saturday Academy. I must say that I am quite committed to this platform and quite proud of what it has become. It is clear to me that people are benefiting inclusive of aspiring administrators, assistant principals, new principals and even veteran principals.

This Academy was born on the first Saturday in May, 2020 in the midst of the shelter in place reality we were all living at that time in the midst of a global pandemic. For years, I’ve had somewhat of an obsession with the way that the assistant principal was being utilized in general and in urban schools in particular – as full time disciplinarians. I have stated countless times over the years that “the assistant principalship is the most misunderstood and underutilized position is all of education.” My response was to create presentations about how we should be looking at the role of the AP. I then wrote a viral blog post on the topic (of the same title as my quote above) which led to the writing of my best-selling book, The Assistant Principal 50 that was released right when I launched The Saturday Academy.


In that first year. I did 52 consecutive Saturday solo presentations on The Saturday Academy using the content of The Assistant Principal 50. After the first year, I decided that my audience needed to hear other voices in addition to my own. Over the past two years, I have brought on about 105 guests while doing a few solos from time to time. My guests have been amazing. There is no session that I feel bad about. All of them have been of tremendous value. Each of my past guests have their own uniqueness which is the beauty of the messages that each of them have brought to the platform. I literally believe that the Virtual AP Leadership Academy is transforming the way that we look at the assistant principalship. Do know, that preparing for each session takes me a solid week. Many of my guests are authors so I pull from their books which I have to read portions of. My guests who are not authors requires that I learn their skillsets and plan accordingly. Some sessions, I have on 2 to 4 guests at a time….a heck of a lot of planning….all while speaking in 3 to 5 states any given week. Now that’s commitment. Heck many of the sessions are delivered in hotel rooms around the country and world. Yesterday’s session was delivered from here in Cancun on my vacation. #Commitment


I never dreamed that I would be doing this for three years though. The goal was the first Saturday in May, 2020 through the last Saturday of August, 2020….a total of 18 weeks. But here we are, 161 sessions completed with no ending in sight. My future guest list is about 3 years long! Stay tuned! And if you are aware of of any aspiring administrators, assistant principals, new principals or even veteran principals who are not aware of the Saturday Academy, please make them aware. We are LIVE every Saturday morning from 10:55 ET – 12:30ish ET on the following platforms:


Facebook @ Principal Kafele

Facebook @ Virtual AP Leadership Academy

YouTube @ Virtual AP Leadership Academy

Twitter @principalkafele

LinkedIn @ Principal Kafele


Additionally all sessions are archived on the YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel as well.


  1. This has been a blessing for so many leaders, aspiring leaders and those yet to dream of leadership. I tune in for the postive energy, the sage advice and to be inspired. I am never disappointed. The wisdom shared at no cost is the biggest bonus. You have stayed so true to your earliest goals of providing what folks need while not allowing any roadblocks including cost to be in their way. I will continue to recommend folks tune in on Saturdays to be enlightened and empowered.

  2. I’m on FIIRRREEEE 🔥 I won’t ever forget the first session of #VAPLA. It was timely and very much needed in such a distressful time. Still today, every session is a fully loaded power punch. Nuggets, gems, bombs, and more galore are all dropped every Saturday. The content is second to none. I’m engaged and learn something new every week. I’ve actively listened sitting in my home, on the road, on a plane, in a boat, and on a train. I highly recommend this FREE pd to anyone in the field. Thank you Principal Kafele for all you’ve done to grow myself and others. The commitment is impeccable. The passion is breathtaking. The discussion is always empowering. True blessing. No faking the funk here!


    Yolanda from “The Rock”

  3. Priceson PrincilusMay 30, 2023 at 11:04 PM

    Dear Principal Kafele, THANK YOU kindly for starting this very worthwhile and needed endeavor. As a current AP and hopefully future Principal, I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration, passion, and burning desire. You are truly on fire and it is spreading globally to anyone and anything that you touch or come in contact with. Personally, as a black man who grew up in East Orange and Newark, NJ and who attended John L. Costley in the Hart complex with Mr. Moore and Mr. Milteer and who later taught science at Patrick Healy with Dr. Cowan, I grew up admiring and respecting the work that you did as Principal of Sojourner Truth aka “B-building”. I had the pleasure and opportunity of meeting you not too long ago in Dover, DE during one of your amazing speaking engagements and you were even gracious enough to have your picture taken with me. Again, THANK YOU for the inspiration and continued success!


  4. This is a benefit for multiple leaders, desiring leaders, and those who previously desired leadership. I tune in for the upbeat power, the scholar's guidance and to be encouraged. I am never dissatisfied. The knowledge transferred at no price is the most prominent premium. You have remained so true to your earlier goals of delivering what residents require while not permitting any roadblocks including cost to be in their path. Like these i know the best Wikipedia Page Creation Agency, who gives best services all over USA.


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