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Principal Kafele's 50 "I's" for Being a SERIOUS Student (50 Affirmations for Achieving Academic Excellence) Copyright © 2010 by Baruti K. Kafele

As a student, it is extremely important that you are successful throughout your years in school.  Your grade school education is the foundation for your success.  It is my hope that you will strive to achieve academic excellence while simultaneously striving to maximize your potential in all of your classes, each and every year.  If success is in fact going to be your reality, I encourage you to make the 50 I’s below a part of your regular routine.  Each of the 50 I’s are reflective of who you should be and what you should be doing daily as a student striving to achieve academic excellence in school. I therefore encourage you to review and study this list regularly, while ultimately making it a part of you.  As you study the 50 I’s, also be mindful that the key to success is maintaining an attitude that is positive and to always make wise decisions along the way.  As long as you do, while simultaneous implementing the 50 I’s, I am confident that the vision of academic excellence will be your permanent reality.

Achievement for Success
1.  I am an honor roll student.

2.  I am a student of the month.
3.  I am an “A” student.
4.  I attend school everyday.
5.  I arrive to school and class on time everyday.

Characteristics for Success
6.  I am serious about my education.

7.  I am focused on achieving excellence.
8.  I am diligent in my efforts.
9.  I am disciplined in my actions
10.  I am resilient after setbacks.

Attitude for Success
11.  I believe in myself and in my ability to soar.

12.  I have a definite purpose for my education.
13.  I understand and accept my obligation to excel.
14.  I am determined to succeed.
15.  I have a vision for my future.

Planning and Preparation for Success
16.  I write and post my academic goals and plans for each marking period.

17.  I complete all of my homework assignments.
18.  I study for a minimum of two hours every evening.
19.  I self-reflect and self-assess at the end of each day so that I can come back stronger the next day.
20.  I am consistently highly organized with all of my planning and preparation toward my success.

Reading and Writing for Success
21.  I read books daily.

22.  I read the newspaper daily.
23.  I read news-oriented magazines regularly.
24.  I spend sufficient time reading books and other materials about my history and culture.
25.  I spend sufficient time writing to address, respond to, critique or summarize what I read.

Accountability for Success
26.  I focus my attention on my teacher, my teachers’ lesson objectives and my teachers’ lessons.

27.  I take copious notes of my teachers’ instruction daily.
28.  I ask questions whenever something is unclear or not understood.
29.  I hold myself accountable for my classroom success.
30.  I accept obstacles as challenges to succeed.

Friendships for Success
31.  I surround myself with friends who are positive and goal-oriented.

32.  I surround myself with friends who can help me to achieve my goals.
33.  I surround myself with friends who are like-minded toward maximizing their potential.
34.  I walk away from negative, destructive friendships.
35.  I never allow peer pressure to sidetrack me from achieving my goals.

Character for Success
36.  I demonstrate respect for myself.

37.  I demonstrate respect for my peers.
38.  I demonstrate respect for my teachers.
39.  I demonstrate respect for every adult in my school.
40.  I adhere to all school and classroom expectations.

Choices for Success
41.  I am deliberate in doing the right thing – I make wise decisions.

42.  I avoid drugs and alcohol.
43.  I avoid gangs.
44.  I avoid destructive relationships and associations.
45.  I avoid trouble by listening to those who can guide me in the right direction.

Leadership for Success
46.  I demonstrate pride in being a student at my school.
47.  I am a positive role model for my peers.
48.  I make a positive difference in my school.
49.  I assume a leadership role in my school.
50.  I collaborate with staff and peers toward making my school better.

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